About Us

“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.”
– Sabrina Bryan

My name is Jeff Pell, Owner and Founder of Sky House Company – a custom construction company serving the fine homebuilding and remodeling market in the High Country of North Carolina. I grew up in the High Country and am dedicated to serving the local market that I know so well. I am a second-generation builder whose entire family has been involved in the home construction industry. My father was a trusted home builder, and three of my uncles are accomplished tradesmen. I was raised on construction sites and in my father’s wood working shop, so you could say that fine homebuilding is in my DNA.

Having spent my formative years as a successful subcontractor – providing skilled labor and project management services to the area’s most respected builders – I learned over time exactly what it takes to succeed in this business. My broad experience, coupled with a true passion for fine homebuilding, led me to form Sky House Company in 2015. I’ve earned the NASCLA (National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies) Exam credentials and serve as the licensed qualifier for Sky House.

With a dedicated and talented team behind me, and a growing list of satisfied customers, our company has grown exclusively through word of mouth referrals. It is highly rewarding when a customer goes out of their way to recommend our services to a friend or neighbor, and we do not take that lightly. Every project is like a gem, and must be cut, shaped and polished accordingly. Like many businesses, homebuilding is all about relationships, and we count heavily on this fact in our business model. Without a strong relationship between the builder and the customer, any project will suffer setbacks. We strive every day to eliminate setbacks by maintaining excellent relationships, not just between ourselves and the customer, but between all of the industry professionals who have dedicated themselves to the success of your project.

At Sky House, we specialize in technically ambitious, architecturally driven projects that other builders often shy away from. We are trusted by discerning customers because we understand that their vision, no matter how challenging, takes priority over all other considerations. We collaborate thoughtfully with customers, architects, interior designers, and other professionals to bring each project together according to each customer’s wishes. We also give good advice, sometimes recommending changes and shaping ideas in ways that will improve an already noteworthy concept.

Homebuilding is a complex process, and we are always refining and improving on that process. Completing a building or renovation project on time and on budget only scratches at the surface of customer satisfaction. At Sky House we go the extra mile in many ways. For example, on renovation projects we employ careful measures to protect the home from damage and debris during construction. Our employees and subcontractors respect the fact that you must live in the same place that we work, and they will conduct themselves professionally, always with your best interests in mind. Many of our customers are second home owners, and are not able to see the progress of their projects. For this reason, we provide regular updates on every job, including daily job site photos, viewable on any mobile platform. You will have the ability to monitor your project from anywhere you please.

Our field crews have accumulated many years of experience in multiple building trades. This broad skill set allows our team to  tackle important parts of your projects, like timber framing, painting, stone work, and custom carpentry projects that other builders would have no choice but to delegate to specialty subcontractors. This way, we control the expectations set and the project flows efficiently on schedule, but most importantly, we maintain control over the quality of our product and the quality of service that you will receive.

Whether you require an intimate renovation, a large addition, or a complete custom home, our team is ready to carry your vision from concept through completion. It takes confidence to deliver on any custom building project, and it takes experience to do the job right. But it takes a true passion for fine homebuilding to pursue the most challenging jobs and exceed customer expectations. As the owner of Sky House, I am driven by that passion, and I strive to foster the same passion in our customers, employees, and everyone else that becomes involved in our projects. Passion leads to performance, which in turn leads to the complete customer satisfaction. Take a look at some of our jobs and note the attention to detail. Hear what our customers have to say and learn why Sky House was their first choice. Most importantly, tell me personally about your project and I will show you why Sky House will serve you best.