If you are trying to find the top home builder Banner Elk has to offer, then Sky House is a place for you. We offer a variety of services to our clients with distinguished tastes. Not only can we build custom homes in the mountains, but we are also able to do Renovations and additions to existing homes. Another thing we can do is offer concierge services to our clients. This means that you are able to protect your home from any bad things. If you are Desiring a custom-built home that can act as your refuge in the mountains, then you can go to our website today and begin your journey towards making that a reality.

One of the reasons that we are the top home builder Banner Elk has is because we are able to make sure your Mountain Refuge is safe. We understand that homeowners want peace of mind and want to know that their home is safe, secure, and well-maintained. This is a service that we can customize based on your particular needs. Whether you are looking for a one-time winterization to regular monitoring of your home inside and out, we can help you. We are able to offer the service to Second homeowners as well as full-time residents alike. Because we are experienced and proactive, our maintenance staff is organized and responsive.

It is important to us to maintain our status as the top home builder Banner Elk has because we want to make sure that we can continue to make your home secure. When you come to us, we can provide you with these Services as well as much more. Whether you are looking to monitor your home for break-ins or storm damage or you are interested in winterizing your home so that way it will be safe during that season, we can help you. We can also inspect your home for new damaged and needed repairs as well as turn on the water and heat or air conditioning before you return to your home.

You will feel like you are the master of an estate when you choose one of our houses and accept this service. We will make sure that everything is functioning so that way you can truly enjoy this beautiful house that you got custom-designed for yourself. We will make sure that we keep an eye on the security systems, such as the CO2 detectors and filters. We can also make sure that your home is free of water damage. We can also recommend any maintenance repairs that will need to be taken to save you money down the road. When you come to us, you are truly getting the best security system out there.

If you are interested in making sure that your home is secure so you can have peace of mind, then you can go to our website to learn more. We would be happy to help secure your home and we hope that you will reach out to us soon. Our website is https://www.skyhousecompany.com/ and our phone number is 828-898-3717. We hope that you call us soon so that way we can answer any questions or concerns you might have about our services and we hope that you enjoy the results.

Top Home Builder Banner Elk | About the Owner

If you are interested in having the top home builder Banner Elk build your custom home, then you are in luck. Sky House is truly the best when it comes to building Custom Homes in the mountain. In fact, the homes they have built not only look beautiful but they have been titled refuges in the mountains. So if you are looking for your own Refuge, then you can reach out to them today and start on your journey towards making your beautiful house a reality. If you have always wanted a beautiful Mountain View to look at while you sip your morning coffee on a veranda that overlooks the forest, then you can have that come true when you join Sky House.

If you’re curious and would like to learn more information about the top home builder Banner Elk has to offer, then let us regale you with the details. The owner of the company is named Jeff Pell. He grew up in the High Country and has dedicated himself to serving the local market that he knows so well. Additionally, he’s a second-generation Builder whose entire family has been involved in home construction since the very beginning. His father was a trusted home builder and on top of that, his three uncles were accomplished tradesmen. This means that home building was running through his veins before he was even conceived.

Before he became the founder and owner of the top home builder Banner Elk has, he spent his formative years as a successful subcontractor. They’re you provided skilled labor and amazing project management services to that area’s most respected Builders. However, over time he learned what it takes to succeed in a business. That is why he decided to eventually build his own. In 2015 Sky House Company was born. With a team of dedicated and talented people behind him, they had a growing list of satisfied customers and their company redo extensively through Word of Mouth. They’ve helped many people build their beautiful homes around the area and they have always created strong relationships between the builders and the customers.

So if you are interested in having an amazing home builder who has a history in the area as well as has a big foundation when it comes to Home Building, then Sky House is the place for you. Not only do they create beautiful homes for their amazing clients, but they seek to build beautiful and long-lasting relationships with their clients as well. They create these relationships so that they are able to make sure the house lasts for a long time, and they’re able to keep it secure and have a good relationship with their clients. They believe that good relationships lead to good successful projects.

If this sounds intriguing to you, then you can go to their website to learn more about how they can help you and how they began. You can find their website at https://www.skyhousecompany.com/ and you can call their number at 828-898-3717. They would be happy to answer any questions that you might have and will help you establish a great relationship with every single one of their contractors.